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Litigation finance for commercial claims.

Legalist provides commercial litigation financing. If you’re a business or law firm with a court case, litigation funding can help cover the costs. There is no obligation to repay if your claim is unsuccessful. Find out if your case qualifies for financing.

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What is litigation finance?

Litigation finance is where a third party provides capital to a plaintiff involved in litigation in return for some financial recovery from the lawsuit. By providing capital for legal fees and operations, litigation financing levels the playing field in litigation and allows plaintiffs to grow their businesses instead of paying legal costs.

How can litigation finance help?

Litigation funding helps businesses fund meritorious commercial cases . If you are a small business or venture-backed company with a lawsuit, litigation financing can help fund legal costs until the conclusion of the claim. All investments are non-recourse, which means there is no obligation to pay it back if the legal claim is unsuccessful.

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Why Legalist?

Legalist’s streamlined application process and technologically-driven underwriting process makes receiving litigation financing easy. Our financing is non recourse, so you and your business owe nothing if the claim is unsuccessful. Apply now and find out whether your case qualifies for financing.

Questions about litigation finance? Download our free report to understand how litigation financing works, who uses it, and how cases are selected.


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