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Legalist provides data-backed litigation financing. Our algorithms analyze millions of court cases to source, vet, and finance commercial litigation. Find out if your lawsuit qualifies for financing.

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What is litigation finance?

In brief, litigation finance is the practice where a third party provides capital to a plaintiff involved in litigation in return for some financial recovery from the lawsuit. Litigation financing levels the playing field in litigation, and allows plaintiffs to access the capital necessary for legal fees, growth, and operations before the case is resolved.

What can Litigation Finance do for You?

If you are a business or venture-backed company with a lawsuit, and need funding for legal fees or operations until the suit is resolved, Legalist might be right for you. We provide working capital for companies, and can help you seek the justice you deserve.

Reach out to us at founders@legalist.us to see if we can help.

What makes Legalist Different?

Unlike other litigation finance companies, Legalist uses data-backed methods to select, vet, and invest in litigation. Our algorithms trawl tens of millions of past court cases to accurately and efficiently assess litigation risk. As a result, Legalist is able to make faster decisions, on more cases.

To find out more about our data-backed risk assessment models, email founders@legalist.us.

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